Taiwan Drama Production Industry Federation (T.D.P.I.F)

TypeIndustrial Union・Guild・Organization / Sales Agent / Production
CategoryLive-Action / Animation / Format
ContentTV, Mobile/Internet, Home Entertainment
GenresLove・Romance, Suspense, Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Children, Action

The Taiwan Drama Production Industry Federation (TDPIF), which was established on March 29, 2014, is supervised by the Ministry of Culture of Executive Yuan, in order to promote the development of the film and television industry, and establish a good communication platform in Taiwan and abroad.

Our missions:
1. The bridge between government and industry.
2. Integrate industry resources, from producers, directors, writers, agents, produce technologies, and investors, channel platform, media propaganda, academic advisers... We hope to revitalize the film industry.
3. To provide effective market information, for making correct judgments, operations, and to prohibit the piracy and protect the rights and benefit of legal members.
4. All the member of council and the supervisors were elected, should take it to the people, contribute to the people, and take the capacity for industry prosperity.