Miyagi Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd

TypeTV Broadcasting
GenresDocumentary, Other

取扱ジャンル [Genres]Other: Gourmet,Travelog,Scenery

Since opening in 1970, Miyagi Television Broadcasting has been the core of the Nippon TV family in Tohoku’s block of stations. We’re located in Sendai, which is the most lively city in Tohoku. We’ve been acquiring the highest audience ratings in Miyagi for 9 consecutive years, and providing variety programs, news programs and documentaries. We have also produced our program “Abare Sushi” which had been broadcasted on KIKU TV, VIDEO LAND and True visions . Our most popular variety show is “Oh! bandesu”, which offers trending information about Tohoku area. It also has been acquiring high ratings for 23 years and is supported by the residents. This time, we’ll introduce programs we have broadcasted in “Oh! Bandessu” which is filled with very popular content.