Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd

TypeRecord Label
GenresMusic (Pops), Music (Other), Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Music (Classic/Jazz)

取扱コンテンツ [Content] Other (CD/Digital Contents)

Established in October 1910, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. is Japan’s
oldest music company. As a label associated with many of Japan’s
greatest representative vocal artists including Hibari Misora and
Chiyoko Shimakura, over more than a century, Nippon Columbia has
produced a vast amount of music that remains in the hearts of Japanese
In recent years, in addition to its traditional business of developing
production, advertising and sales in fields related to audio and
visual software such as CDs and DVDs as well as game software and
music distribution, the Company is actively engaged in businesses not
involving sound sources in response to changing user needs, including
live musical performance planning, goods production, artist
management, etc.
In sound source production, which is its core business, Nippon
Columbia is continuing to create a wide range of products that bring
enjoyment and real value to their listeners, viewers and users. For
example, in the Enka/Kayokyoku field, Nippon Columbia has long been
the No.1 Enka label thanks to the activities of a long list of top
artists led today by Kiyoshi Hikawa. In Jun-Hogaku (traditional
Japanese music), the prince of the shamisen (Japanese three-stringed
lute) Hiromitsu Agatsuma energetically collaborates with musicians in
a variety of genres. In the recently expanding Rock field,
04 Limited Sazabys is gradually coming to the forefront. And
in the Animation field, artists such as Aya Uchida are active in voice
acting and animation theme music, for which there is a high demand