KING RECORD Company Limited

TypeRecord Label
CategoryMusic, Animation, Live-Action
ContentTV, Movie, Character
GenresEducational, Comedy, Action, Music (Pops), Music (Other), Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Music (Classic/Jazz)

King Record Company Limited was founded in 1931 as the music division of Kodansha Limited, the largest publishing company in Japan. We produce and distribute music repertories from rock, pops, classical music, jazz/fusion, world folklore music, traditional music to animation and game music, releasing over 1,200 new titles every year.
We also work on feature films, acquiring productions from around the globe and duly noted for the distribution of Shaw Bros collection and music documentaries. In the recent years, we have developed a strong network in mobile and PC digital music distribution, supplying our masters to music downloading sites adapting to the new musical era.
Our in-house labels King Amusement Creative handles a broad range of music genres, but also creates animation, invest in video productions and sell products inside and outside of Japan. We have released a number of hit titles, such as renowned "Evangelion" series, “POP TEAM EPIC”, "Ajin" and "K" series.Apart from physical products planning, production and sales we also work on expanding the licensing business.