TypeRecord Label
CategoryMusic, Animation, Live-Action
ContentTV, Movie, Character
GenresLove・Romance, Children, Educational, Comedy, Action, Music (Pops), Music (Other), Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Music (Classic/Jazz)
IPCharacter, TV, Music, Artists

KING RECORD Co., Ltd. is a record company with a history of 88 years. Founded in 1931 as the music division of Kodansha Ltd., one of the largest publishing companies in Japan. We plan, produce, promote, and distribute a vast range of music and film contents. Music repertories from rock, pops, classical music, jazz/fusion, children music, world music, traditional music to anime songs, and film contents such as animation, feature films, and music documentaries, releasing over 1,500 new titles every year.
Having a rich collection of contents, apart from physical and digital production, we also work on expanding our licensing business. For fans throughout the world, we work to create further more entertainment.