Qing Nan Sisters Media

TypeEvent/Concert Production
CategoryLive-Action, Animation
ContentMovie, TV
GenresMusic (Pops), Action, Music (Idol/Animation/Game)

The company was founded by sisters li liang and li nan in August 2016. The company is committed to creating positive
Energy film and television works. Create high-quality and multi-form cultural products for urban youth. At the beginning of the company
It will focus on movies, and gradually expand to TV series, online dramas, film and television platforms and other fields.
The company is rooted in Shanghai and committed to become the name card of Shanghai culture and media industry
Standing director of Shanghai radio, film and television industry association. Compound talents:
The core teams of director, screenwriter and producer are all graduated from world famous universities and are good at developing international themes.
Promote industrial process, service standardization and production standardization of the industry.