Republic of Korea

Ocon Studios

TypeProduction / Distribution

Korea's leading animation production company of feature films and TV animated series.
1. Production of “Movie series" : Releasing feature film of ‘Pororo’ at least once a year and now the 5th one is going to release in April in Korea.
2. Production of “TV animated series.”
1) "Dibo, the gift dragon (Produced in 2011 and Dibo Village theme park business is in progress for worldwide),
2) Toycop (Broadcasted on KBS in 2017-2018 and now big hit in Indonesia RTV.)
3) Super Z (Now Broadcasting on EBS and Disney Korea).
3. Sublicense Business Area
-Acquisition and Distribution in Korea, Licensing and merchandising , character - related goods production , Import and Export of character goods. Master licensee of several domestic and foreign characters.