TIFFCOM/TIAF Exhibitor Registration

Eligibility for Applicants

Contents holders and related companies/organizations of Film, TV, Animation, Character Licensing/Merchandising, Original Story (Novels/Comics), Publishing, Mobile/Internet, Home Entertainment (VOD, DVD, Blu-ray), Event/Concert, Game, Film Commission/Film Fund, Post Production/Translation, Service Provider, Talent Agency, Industrial Union/Guild/Organization, Government Agency/Embassy, Municipality, etc.

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If you are successfully registered as exhibitor at Japan Content Showcase 2019, you are eligible for

・Access to Japan Content Showcase 2019 venue & facility
・Publishing your information on official website and MY PAGE (Member’s site)
・Access to the member site “MY PAGE”
・Searching participants on “MY PAGE” 
   (Exhibitors, Buyers and Visitors lists can be searchable)
・Access to Market Screenings (except for invitation only)
・Participating in Seminars (except for invitation only)
・Access to 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival P&I Screenings
・Access to a special lounge and Business Center (TBC)(*Ikebukuro venue only)
・Discount services (restaurant and other facilities) (TBC)(*Ikebukuro venue only)
・Participating related events (except for invitation only)
・Receiving newsletters

Registration Notes

・Please fill out “Exhibitor Application” below.
・Japan Content Showcase Organizer’s Office will inform you within two weeks about the results of the application.
・Exhibitor registration can only be done by pre-registration (no on-site registration).
・32nd Tokyo International Film Festival P&I Screenings can be accessible with Japan Content Showcase 2019 ID badge.
・ID Badges for Japan Content Showcase 2019 can only be picked up at venue, Ikebukuro (TIFFCOM/TIAF) or Shibuya (TIMM), selected at the time of application. Please receive ID badges at the venue you chose upon registration. The badges cannot be picked up at Roppongi venue (TIFF).

Registration Procedure and Fee

How to register

Please fill out “Exhibitor Application” below.
*Please read our Exhibition Rules and Privacy Policy before Registration.


Jul.31 (Wed), 2019
*Japan Time

Exhibition Fee

It varies depending on the booth type.
For details, please see “Exhibitor Information“.


Japan Content Showcase Organizer’s Office

Regarding TIMM
Japan Music Culture Export (JMCE)

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