TIFFCOM/TIAF Exhibitor Information

Ikebukuro Venue

At Japan Content Showcase 2019, multiple booth design packages are provided to respond to each exhibitor’s needs. These booths can be utilized efficiently according to each business type.

Application Deadline:Jul.31 (Wed), 2019

Package Booth 1

Booth size: W3m x D3m = 9㎡, H2400

<Exhibition fee>
Standard: 736,890 JPY (tax included)
Early bird /First time: 457,380 JPY (tax included)

Package Booth 1 Details

Package Booth 2

Booth size: W6m x D3m = 18㎡, H2400

Standard: 1,397,550 JPY (tax included)
Early bird /First time: 869,990 JPY (tax included)

Package Booth 2 Details

Package Booth 3

Booth size: W6m x D3m = 18㎡, H2400

Standard: 1,454,750 JPY (tax included)
Early bird /First time: 937,750 JPY (tax included)

Package Booth 3 Details

Package Booth 4(Challenge Booth)

Booth size
W2m x D1.2m = 2.4㎡, H2400 (Side board:H1200)

Standard: 396,000 JPY (tax included)
Early bird/First time: 274,670 JPY (tax included)

Package Booth 4 Details

Raw Space(for 54㎡ or more)

Standard:1㎡ / 57,200 JPY (tax included)
Early bird:1㎡ / 39,710 JPY (tax included)

Raw Space Details

*Please read our Exhibition Rules and Privacy Policy before application.


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