Exhibitor Service

Market Screening             

Japan Content Showcase provides screening rooms at adjacent location of JCS venue where people can enjoy videos and movies. Other usage such as holding a press conference is also available upon request.

Type of theatre

No. of seats


(at the market venue)

about 50

DVD / Blu-ray

*Above information is subject to change.


Various advertising opportunities will be offered to exhibitors in order to maximize the exposure of their content to participants. A wide variety of options will allow the exhibitors to choose the most suitable advertisements according to their needs and budgets.

・Neck Strap
・Market Bag Printing
・Floor/Glass Advertising Sheets
・Digital Signage
・Market Bag Material Insert
・Web Banner
・Poster Frames and Easel Package    etc…

         *Application starts on July.8 (Mon) at noon (JST)  “first come, first served” basis.

Seminar Opportunity

As a part of JCS-related event, we offer seminar and event opportunities to transmit the latest trends of ever-changing content business in the world. It will be a perfect opportunity to appeal widely on various topics such as company PR, location and incentive PR for industry people. Form of seminars can be customized, such as pitching session, workshop, and press conference according to your needs / purposes.

Networking Party

For those who wish to organize a networking party as a part of JCS-related party, we can provide various options such as party venue for a fee according to your needs.

Optional Equipment Menu

For effective promotion and business meetings, various optional equipment and decoration service for exhibition booths are available.
[Lease Equipment] Catalog Display Stand, Easel, Poster Frame, High Table, High Chair, Meeting Table & Chairs, Large Monitor, Monitor Stand, etc.
[Booth Decoration] Floor Punch Carpet, Wall Print, Print Panel, etc.

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