For Buyer

  • Q. Can we register Buyer ID on site during JCS?

    A. Buyer registration can only be done by online pre-registration (no on-site

  • Q. Who may register as a Buyer for Japan Content Showcase?

    A. Buyers will need to submit application forms that indicate their buyer history within 1 year and their activity plans at JCS this year and it has to be approved by the Japan Content Showcase Organizer’s Office. The Organizer’s office will inform you the results of the screening in about 2 weeks after the online registration.

  • Q. I have registered last year. Can I retrieve my information for this year?

    A. Yes, for buyers registered last year, may re-use some of the registered information from last year.
    Please click here to see the instruction. <URL>

    You may not be able to retrieve your information from 2018 if you have changed your email address or changed company. In these cases, please register again as a new Buyer.

  •  Q. I cannot receive a password reminder email.

    A. In order to use Password Reminder, please enter the email address you registered last year, or you cannot receive your new Password.

  • Q. I cannot open the page when I retrieve my registration information last year. 

    A. Please note that you cannot suspend the registration process once started. If you stop filling in the information to log out at the payment page, the registration gets cancelled. In these cases, you need to register as a new Buyer.

  • Q. When will the registration fee be charged?

    A. Buyer
    registration fee will be charged only if your registration’s approved by the
    Organizer’s office. (The registration fee will NOT be charged if your
    registration’s NOT approved by the Organizer’s office ). We require your credit
    card number when you register Buyer ID.

  • Q. Are there any limitations to access JCS during the event?

    A. Buyer ID Badge holder can visit through the whole market period.

For Visitor

  • Q. Who may register as a Visitor for Japan Content Showcase?

    A. Contents holders and related companies/organizations of Film, TV, Animation,
    Music, Character Licensing/Merchandising, Original Story (Novels/Comics),
    Publishing, Mobile/Internet, Home Entertainment (VOD, DVD, Blu-ray), Event/Concert,
    Game, Film Commission/Film Fund, Post Production/Translation, Service Provider,
    Talent Agency, Industrial Union/Guild/Organization, Government Agency/Embassy,
    Municipality, etc… 

  • Q. When will the registration fee be charged?

    It will be charged once you register and complete the registration. We require your credit card number when you register Visitor ID.


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