Shibuya (10/28 - 10/29) Event & Seminar List

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10/28 (Mon)
10/29 (Tue)

Keynote Conversation with Takeshi Nakai, Hikaru Tsuyuri, and Fumio Miura 

Date and time: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Venue: Seminar room at the 16th TIMM Market venue (Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu)

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* The event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 29. Further details such as the title and time will be announced at a later date. 

Takeshi Nakai
Hip Land Music Corporation, Chairman
Space Shower Networks Inc., Consultant

During his time at Watanabe Productions, he launched the rock label, Non-Stop, and produced artists such as Yoshiyuki Ohsawa, Gontiti, Ann Lewis, Kumiko Yamashita.
 Upon his departure from the company in 1988, he established Hip Land Music producing Sakanaction, Kana-Boon, and The fin., among others. He was involved with the establishment of Space Shower in1989 and appointed president in 2000 (after serving as chairman he now serves
as a consultant). Since the 1980’s, he has been a leader of the Japanese music scene with a broad frame of reference as his plethora of experience includes artist management, producer, and media outlet.

Hikaru Tsuyuri
FM802 CO.,LTD, President 

After working at OSAKA BROADCASTING CORPORATION, he became involved in the creation of FM802 in 1988. FM802’s popularity remains strong today as it was established with a resolute policy of prioritizing music underpinned by the introduction of its heavy rotation system a culmination of FM802’s own music selection criteria the pure intention of delivering good music. He has met with success not only in broadcasting, but also in producing numerous events such as MEET THE WORLD BEAT.

Fumio Miura
Kansai University Faculty of Sociology, Professor
Artist Commons, Chairman

After leaving Dentsu in 2012, he became a professor in Media Studies at Kansai University’s Faculty of Sociology. During his time at Dentsu, he devised the IP network simulcast radio project, “radiko” and lead its development from concept to implementation. Since 2014 he has been involved with the activities of Artist Commons assigning artists their own individual ID numbers. At Kansai University he has been engaged in building a music video archive and the
creation of high-resolution 3-D sound. He received a Ph.D. (Media and Governance) from Keio University in 2018.

While music is a constant complement to the media of any given era, it has also built up its own unique ecosystem in Japan. Our speakers will discuss the relationship
between music, artists, and the media as it continues to change with the times.
We will listen to their thoughts on succeeding in the music business in Japan
and abroad accompanied by their countless success stories, as well as the
advice they offer young people in the business who will carry on the legacy of
the Japanese music industry. 

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