Stardust Over the Town

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“Osamu Yamada & Hello Nights”, a band headed by Osamu. After years, the band does not still have a hit and have been barely surviving, making tours in provincial areas.
One day the band is invited for a performance at a small town in province where Osamu was born. Eiji, a younger brother of Osamu, does not feel comfortable on his return. Ai, a friend of Eiji’s son, helps her mother to run a bar, dreaming to be a singer someday. She runs after a member telling that she wants to join the band.

Director:Taiichi Sugiyama
Cast:Taihei Saburo / La Salle Ishii / Yasutaka Komiya /  Keiko Toda / Non
Genre:  Comedy / Drama / Music
Running time:102min

Size: CinemaScope

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