Lovely Chubby

(2018/70min /Japan)
Screening Room 1
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Marie is a chubby girl who's paying off her debts by working at a brothel.
One day, she meets a dull man, Kazu. He looks like a gadabout.
But, she has a crunch on him. She instantly invites him to come live with her.
It soon becomes apparent that he doesn't have a job expectedly and he spends her money for his selfish joy.
In spite of this, she feels his kindness. Although she thought their happy co-living lasts forever, she finds out that he is married to a beautifully slim lady, Mitsuko.

Director:Hideo Jojo
Cast:Yurika /  Umi Mitoma   / Toko Namiki / Fumio Moriya / Kakumaru Yoshida
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Love/Romance
Running time:70min

Size: 16:09

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