The Unyielding General

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The Unyielding General, a re-produced Peking Opera film, tells about how General Huang Zhong bravely seizes Mount Dingjun after defeating Zhang He who defends Mount Tiandang in Chapters 70 and 71 of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As believed by insiders in the industry of Peking Opera, The Unyielding General leads to Yangping Pass. The Unyielding General ends with Huang Zhong killing Xiahou Yuan in the first part, and the second part of the film is Yangping Pass. Tan Zhengyan, the seventh-generation descendant of Tan School and young actor, stars in the film as Huang Zhong in the first part and Zhao Yun in the second part, which is a comprehensive test and challenge for an actor. Tan Xiao, Tan Zhengyan’s father, once acted as Huang Zhong in Yangping Pass. Shang Changrong, a well-known artist performing Peking Opera, has vigorously offered assistance to act as the supporting role of Cao Cao in the film. All that brings surprise to the opera community and audience. This film is also a tribute to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Chinese films.

Director:Bingjian Liu
Cast:Xiaozeng Tan / Zhengyan Tan / Changrong Shang
Genre: Drama / Other (Peking Opera)
Running time:111min

Size: 1.85 : 1

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