Dynasty Warriors

(2019/120min/Hong Kong)
Screening Room2
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Two thousand years ago in China, there was mysterious power called " Musou". Any warrior with this power could defeat a million of enemy soldiers on his own, those who could control "Musou" were named as The Heroes of "Mosou". Towards the end of Eastern Han Dynasty, The Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out as the government gradually became extremely corrupted at all levels. Liu Bei (a civilian) led Guan Yu (a horsekeeper) and Zhang Fei (a butcher) to defeat the Yellow Turban Rebellion, but they got set up by corrupted officials, and hunted by the leperial army.
At the same time, Dong Zhuo saw the opportunity to take control of the empire. Cao Cao (a junior official) could not tolerate the chaos caused by Dong Zhou and attempted to assassinate him but failed. Many warlords responded to this incident and formed a coalition against Dong Zhou. In this campaign, Cao Cao also formed his own army to participate in this battle. Liu Bei, with his two sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei volunteered to join the coalition. However, the warlords ridiculed them due to their professions, except Cao Cao appreciating Liu Bei. After Guan Yu killed the general Hua Xiong, the invincible "Mosou" warrior Lu Bu with his amazing fighting talents scared all the warlords to run away from the battle, except Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Cao Cao stayed behind to face the battle together. The showdown between these three warriors marked the beginning of Three Kingdoms era...

Director:Roy Chow Him Yeung
Cast:Han Geng / Wang Kai /  Louis Koo / Gulinazha / Carina Lau
Genre: Action / CG / Fantasy 
Running time:110-120分

Size: 1920 X 1080

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