The Bravest

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Jiang Liwei was once the youngest special service fire squadron leader in the province. After many years of smooth sailing, he witnessed the soldiers'sacrifice in one mission, which made him fear the biggest enemy of firefighters: the
fire. The lingering psychological shadow even affects his relationship with his wife and son. On the day of receiving the psychologist's "retirement" suggestion, a pipeline explosion occurred at his harbor terminal in Binhai City. Because the workers had not had time to close the valves between the tanks before the explosion, the crude oil in the whole tank area flowed out along the A01 tank, turning into a sea of fire and bursts of explosions, threatening the whole city, the whole province and even neighboring areas. The security of the country threatens everyone, including Jiang Liwei's wife and son. The most fundamental way to curb the fire is that someone enters the sea of fire and closes the valve. Jiang Liwei regards it as his last battle as a firefighter and asks the leader to go in and carry out this task.

Director: Tony Chan
Cast:Huang Xiaoming / Du Jiang / Tan Zhuo
Genre: Action / Drama
Running time:120min
Size: Vista
Color/Monochrome: Color

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