The River in Me

(2019/93min /China)
Screening Room 3
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Traversing 700,000 square kilometers over 700 days, the filmmakers bring together the stories offive artists who routinely crisscross the Yellow River to share their art.

At the center of the narrative is Su Yang, a contemporary artist and musician, and his exchange withtraditional practitioners of Qin Opera, Shadow Puppetry, Huaʼer, and Shaanbei Storytelling. Home to a third of China's population and stretching from the Tibetan Plateau to Shandong, the Yellow River is the cultural and environmental inheritance of 1.3 billion people.

Director:Ke Yongquan Yang Zhichun He Yuan
Cast:SU Yang / LIU Shikai / MA Fengshan / WEI Zongfu / ZHANG Jinlai
Genre: Documentary
Running time:93min

Size: 1:1.85
Language:Chinese / Chinese Dialects

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