Tora-san of Goto

(2016/114min /Japan)
Screening Room 2
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Family of any place has a trouble and sorrow, joy on child care and the life.
A family and stack, child care one's the person who saw the movie through the
picture of 22 years of the family of this program on living; think that is useful.
In addition, in Japan, population is concentrated in Tokyo, but, in the local city and
the island, population decreases.
What live in a district has the incommodiousness, but nature and food are rich.
I want you to feel that there is the art which is valid in not only the big city but also
the district.

Director:Masaru Oura
Cast:Torao Inuzuka / Masuyo Inuzuka / Takuro Inuzuka / Kokoro Inuzuka / Hanae Inuzuka

Genre: Documentary
Running time:114min
Size: 16:9

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