24-26 Oct, 2017 in IKEBUKURO(23-25 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

Old Beast(老兽)

サンシャインシティ スクリーニングルーム2

10月24日(火) 9:45-11:35(2017/110分/中国)


Lao Yang is a businessman now in his 60s. He went bankrupt years ago due to the local economic decline. One day, he misappropriates the money that his children raised for his wife’s surgery. The children hold him in detention, forcing him to return it back. Lao Yang, outraged, takes them to court… It appears to be a reckless choice which kicks off the whole family tragedy.

©2017 Dongchun Films Co., Ltd.

監督 Ziyang Zhou
キャスト Men Tu
Chaobei Wang
Danna Yi
Mingshuo Wang
Zizi Wang
ジャンル Drama
上映時間 110分
サイズ 16:9
カラー/モノクロ カラー
原語 中国語(モンゴル方言)




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