25-27 Oct,2016 in Daiba (24-26 Oct TIMM in Shibuya)


News Release

Press Release

JCS Press Release Vol. 5
Thank you for your participation!
Japan Content Showcase 2016

The Japan Content Showcase (JCS) 2016 has successfully ended. This year, JCS expanded its venue to Daiba and Shibuya for 4 days. TIFFCOM/TIAF were held at the hotel Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba and the TIMM venue was at the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu. JCS showcased diverse programs, such as seminars, events and parties, which provided beneficial business opportunities for expanding attendees’ networks.

JCS had a record-breaking total of 356 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions, and 1,539 buyers from 49 countries registered, the highest-record to date. JCS opened with a series of events, including business meetings, pitch sessions, seminars, movie screenings, and networking parties, at the Daiba venue, while a variety of events, including the TIMM Linked Live, were held in Shibuya.

Similar to previous years, 27 seminars and events regarding genres such as music, film, and animation were held. Among these, the seminar on VR (Virtual Reality), one of the hottest trends in the industry, and the seminar on the Chinese market by China’s top producers were especially well-received. In addition, pitching sessions and matching events were actively held with enthusiasm from the participants and business partners alike. At the market screening, there were a total of 29 films featured, 4 offcial films were screened at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival. At the TIMM Linked Live , a total of 18 artists and groups performed for 3 days, capturing the attention of both the audience and buyers.

This year, a VR corner was included as a new feature, and new exhibitors such as talent agencies were invited. By gathering a variety of contents from many genres, not only was JCS a market for distributing Asian content distribution throughout the world, it was a platform for promoting networking between industry players. To many participants, these 4 days have been very productive and successful.

Key Figures

Number of Exhibitors: 356 (2015: 347 around 3% higher from the last year)
Number of Buyers: 1,539   (2015: 1,433 7% higher from the last year)
Seminars & Events:27    (2015: 30)
(Seminars: 22, Pitching events: 2, Matching events: 2, International Co-Production event: 1)
Market Screening: 29 titles including 4 official selected films of the 29th TIFF
TIMM Linked Live: 18 artists for 3 days

JapanContent Showcase 2016 Outline

“Japan Content Showcase 2016”, a multi-content market featuring music, film and animation, will be held at the hotel “Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba” and “Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” as a joint market of the following:

TIMM – Tokyo International Music Market
TIFFCOM – Affiliated market of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)
(The only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations)
TIAF – Tokyo International Anime Festival

Date: October 24 (Mon) – 27(Thu), 2016
Venue: Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba (TIFFCOM/ TIAF)
      Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu (TIMM)
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