24-26 Oct, 2017 in IKEBUKURO(23-25 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

Privacy Policy

Article 9. Treatment of Personal Information

  • 1. In the event Participants acquire personal information through this exhibition, Participants shall observe the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations. In particular, if Participants give personal information to a third party, Participants shall obtain the consent from the person concerned except as set forth in the 2 under this Article and others. In the event that any dispute arises between Participants and the person concerned regarding such personal information, both parties shall settle such dispute upon consultation between them and Organizer shall assume no responsibility whatsoever regarding such dispute.
  • 2. Organizer will properly and safely manage the personal information provided by Participants, take steps to prevent leakage, loss or damage of the personal information, endeavor to protect the personal information, establishing treatment thereof as set forth below. Participant’s agreement to this Privacy Policy, will be used to support mutual business with our industry partners for the following purposes:
    • (1) To post on “List of Participants” on our official website.
    • (2) To publish in “List of Participants” in our official guide book.
    • (3) To publish corporate information and product information in various publications distributed in the exhibition site.
    • (4) To introduce Participants when the Participants appears on our official video or in the market report.
    • (5) To print the Participant’s name, company name, nationality and face photo on ID badge for Identification.
    • (6) To deliver various services and information and periodical news by telephone, mail, E-mail, etc.
    • (7) To study, analyze and plan new product and service we offer, making use of market research, data analysis, questionnaires, etc.
    • (8) To inform Participants of oncoming events, symposiums, or seminars.
    • (9) To identify Participants, to know about registered information, and to contact and give information to Participants.
    • (10) In order for the person of the related events to contact the Participants for the purpose of market research, data analysis, questionnaires, etc.
    • (11) To register for the official online library.
    • (12) To display photographs and videos taken during the market in Organizer’s materials, image reports,online PR and reports etc.

However, website related information is disclosed only to client who has ID and password. Participant’s personal information shall not be disclosed without the consent of the client, except above items and for the government agency’s legal request for disclosure. In the event of outsourcing the whole or part of the operation, Organizer will establish an administrative system capable of appropriate protection of personal information, conclude a secrecy agreement and strictly control Participant’s personal information. Other inquiries regarding treatment of personal information will be received at the contact address set forth in this Rules. Various data that accompany the application for the Exhibition are appropriately protected and controlled by Organizer according to the Organizer’s Privacy Policy.